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.38 S&W box by The Eagle Metallic Cartridge Company

.25-35 Remington (not Winchester) Yes, it's real!





Welcome to the  Armory Publications web site. 

 Armory Publications  is one of the world's leading publishers of hard-to-find and rare or out-of-print publications related to the field of firearms, ammunition, and manufacturers related to these fields. 

Armory Publications produces some of the finest quality publications found anywhere; many of these publications are in themselves (or soon will be) collector's items. More titles will be offered in coming months and we suggest that you get on our mailing list (no charge) for immediate notification of "specials" and new editions.

Shotgun Action

George Hoyem formed Armory Publications in the fall 1980 for the purpose of publishing his own book, The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume One. It was followed by two more volumes in 1982 and 1985, and the fourth volume was published in April 1999.

Hoyem has published over 45 volumes for the antique arms and ammunition collector/historian -  a number of them original titles by other authors, others reproductions of rare books and catalogues.  Armory Publications books are produced by Sheridan Books, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Publishers Press, Salt Lake City, Utah, and by Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba, Canada

George and his brothers

Where Armory Publications began. The three Hoyem "kids" on the front porch of the log home their father built in 1932 on the Bozeman Fork of the Musselshell River. The summer of 2000 was the first time they'd been there together since 1942. On the right, Robert, professor of voice and former lyric tenor and opera stage director in Europe; George, the publisher, center; Sylvan (he answers to Sib or Don), Lieutenant colonel United States Army retired, Mohawk and helicopter pilot with three tours in Vietnam.

 Trying out the old Winchester Model 1895 that Dad acquired in 1936 from a government Coyote trapper as trade for a dozen rusty traps. It still shoots right where you point it. From 1936 to the 1960's it put a lot of mule deer and elk steaks on the table. It was the rifle that got George headed in the direction of collecting and studying old firearms and ammunition and ultimately lead to Armory Publications.

George taking a shot

Home Kerosene lamps, wood fired stoves and water piped in from a spring above the house, cold only. Headquarters for a 640 acre cattle ranch with 5000 acres of Crazy Mountain grazing rights, it supported a family of five with no frills.
The buffalo herd on the Gene and Evelyn Leary ranch north of Martinsdale, Montana between the Castle and Crazy Mountains. They are descendants from the herd begun by dude rancher Court Du Rand in the 1920's. buffalo
The Crazy Mountain Inn The Crazy Mountain Inn, Martinsdale, Montana - home of sour cream lemon pie (recipe available on request), courtesy of the proprietors, Peter and Cheryl Marthi. A good place to stop when you are hungry and traveling through Montana.
Blackfeet Sculptures The metal sculptures that greet you traveling east on Highway 2 as you leave Glacier National Park and enter the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

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